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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Area Move Out Cleaning

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Amy’s  House Cleaning caters to Philadelphia County, Montgomery County and Delaware County realtors, property managers, and apartment communities. We’re the go-to cleaning service for many property professionals because of the trust we’ve built delivering high-quality service. You can always depend on us to help to make your property look great. Our cleaning professionals understand the quality of cleaning expected before you can hand keys to a new tenant. Whether your needs are for a single property or a larger community, we have the skill and the workforce to make your property clean-up a breeze!


Are you selling your house or townhome or are you a tenant getting preparing to move out? Having your place in perfect condition is essential for getting back that security deposit or preparing your home to sell for top dollar. Amy’s House Cleaning understands that well and that why we work hard to have your home it tip-top shape, making it look the way it did when you moved in. Having a professional cleaning company as part of a move will help you make a sale for more money or document your case for the return or your full security deposit!


⦿ Toilets scrubbed clean, disinfected
⦿ Shower and tub scrubbed clean
⦿ Sinks hand-washed, sanitized
⦿ Shower glass cleaned
⦿ Mirrors cleaned and shined
⦿ Fixtures cleaned and shined
⦿ Tile scrubbed clean
⦿ Remove trash throughout
⦿ Remove dust from blinds
⦿ Remove dust from ceiling fans
⦿ Remove cobwebs high and low
⦿ Hand-wash window sills and sashes
⦿ Hand-wash front door glass, both sides
⦿ Hand-wash sliding glass doors, hand wipe the tracks
⦿ Sweep clean porches and steps

⦿ Stairways cleaned, vacuumed
⦿ Wash wood floors, tile floors, vacuum carpets
⦿ Clean and sanitize the interior and exterior of the oven
⦿ Clean and sanitize the interior and exterior of the fridge
⦿ Clean and sanitize interior and exterior of microwave
⦿ Hand-wash the interior and exterior of cabinets
⦿ Hand-wash the interior and exterior of drawers
⦿ Hand-wash clean the backsplash
⦿ Hand-wash clean the counters
⦿ Hand-wash clean the stove
⦿ Hand-wash light switch plates
⦿ Hand-wash all exposed baseboards
⦿ Hand-wash door frames, door jambs, doors